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ChargeWe'll take the offensive!(Sword Maiden)
The sword represents my will!(La Pucelle)
Charge(Boss)I'll clear the way... Charge!(Sword Maiden)
My beliefs are my power!(La Pucelle)
Charge(vs Gulcasa)Gulcasa... I can't forgive you!(BF17,18)
Prepare yourself, Gulcasa!(BF44)
Charge(vs Brongaa knight)I vow to stop you!
Charge(○>Golem)I shall strike you down!
CriticalHitNow's our chance!
Enemy sleeping
CounterWe will not lose!(Sword Maiden)
We cannot afford to lose!(La Pucelle)
Counter(Boss)We will not be intimidated!(Sword Maiden)
I will cling to hope!(La Pucelle)
Counter(no damage)Everyone, hang in there!(Sword Maiden)
Keep your guard up, everyone!(La Pucelle)
Counter(vs Gulcasa)I will not lose to you!(BF17,18)
I shall put an end to this!(BF44)
Counter(Cntr same damage)Feel the pain you've wrought!
Can't CounterAgh... I can't counterattack...
Evade CriticalHit
Take CriticalHitN-No! It can't be...
AggressiveWe're going on the offensive!
PassiveProceed with caution...
Gauge FullI'm ready!
FlashAttackTaste my blade!
Flash*3Holy Sword, grant me power!
Kiss of DeathI'm sorry, everyone...
SanctuaryWe can still fight!
Shield BarrierWe can't be touched!
Dragon KillerMy power overflows...!
FortuneAll we can do now is pray.
Mind ChangeEveryone, let's do this!
MirageThe terrain has been changed!
RevolutionRevolution under the Holy Sword!
CrusadeO miracle, appear before us!
Take Item Break
Take Gravity Chaos(Darkness)
Take Gravity Chaos(Cursed)
Take GenocideI...can't use my skills?
Take Banish
Take Banshee's Cry
Take Bloody Claw
Take Poison Breath
Take Medusa Eye
Fatal DamageI won't hold back!
OverkillI'll end this in one strike!
Void ailmentsWhew... I dodged the curse.
Void attr.
Dodged skillThat won't work on me!
Skill Failed
Skill Interrupted
Charge CanceledN-No!
1 on 1 =Win
WinPhew... We overcame them.(BF2,8)
Justice lies with the Holy Sword!(BF3)
I shall not be beaten!(BF4)
I've driven them away!(BF6)
We've driven them away...(BF7)
I shall not be beaten!(BF9)
...I shall not be beaten!(BF10)
Trust in the Holy Sword!(BF11)
I cannot forgive you!(BF12,32)
We've no time to lose!(BF13)
Victory is in my grasp...(BF14)
I will reclaim my home!(BF16)
Holy Sword, guide us!(BF17)
The Holy Sword will guide our fate!(BF29,42)
I won't forgive such barbarism!(BF30)
Our will is unshakable!(BF31)
...I'm sorry!(BF33, not smiling)
I will not submit!(BF36)
Some things can't be conceded.(BF38)
We can't stop now!(BF39)
I mustn't lose my nerve.(BF40)
To end this sorrow, we must...(BF41)
I fight for my justice!(BF43)
The time for indecision is past!(BF44)
I'll free your soul...(BF46)
This is our wish.(BF47)
Win(perfect)Thank goodness we're safe...(Sword Maiden)
Thank you, everyone.(La Pucelle)
Win(narrow)Phew, that was dangerous...(Sword Maiden)
Even so, I must fight on.(La Pucelle)
Win(Crusade)Let light shine from above!
Win(vs Gulcasa)Accept your punishment!(BF17,18)
I must protect my own country.(BF44)
Win(vs Brongaa knight)I vowed to never again hesitate.
LoseThis... can't be...(BF2,7)
O-Oh no...(BF3,8,43)
Everyone, I'm sorry...(BF4)
Oh... no...(BF6)
Is fate telling me to give up...?(BF10)
I lost...(BF11)
I can't fight any more...(BF12)
I'm sorry, everyone...(BF15)
I won't... ever forgive you...!(BF18)
I can't fight any more...(BF35)
Such... power...(BF44)
Father... Mother...!(BF45)
I couldn't... protect everyone...(BF47)
Were we wrong...?(BF48)
Getting spoilsTo the victor, the spoils!

Yggdra / Milanor / Durant / Nietzsche / Roswell / Rosary / Russell / Cruz / Elena / Flunky / Kylier / Gordon

Japanese ユグドラ / ミラノ / デュラン / ニーチェ / ロズウェル / ロザリィ / ラッセル / クルス / エレナ / コブン / キリエ / ゴードン

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