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ChargeHere we come!
Charge(Boss)Phew, you look strong!
Charge(vs Aegina, Luciana)This is for my stronghold!
Charge(with Mjollnir)No one can beat Mjollnir!
Charge(○> Dragon)Heheh, you're in trouble now!
CriticalHitAlright, now's our chance!
Enemy sleepingSorry, but you're wide open!
CounterYou won't bring me down!
Counter(Boss)Tch, not bad!
Counter(no damage)I didn't feel a thing!
Counter(vs Aegina, Luciana)I won't take this lying down!
Counter(with Mjollnir)Right back at ya!
Counter(Cntr same damage)You'll feel my pain!
Can't CounterTch, it's useless!
Evade CriticalHit
Take CriticalHitGah! That coulda gone better...
AggressiveTime to go on the offensive!
PassiveTake it easy, guys...
Gauge FullAlright, I'm ready to go!
Flash*3Another perfect attack!
Kiss of DeathD-Dammit...
SanctuaryDon't count us out yet!
Shield BarrierOur defense is up! Now attack!
Dragon KillerNow this is power!
FortuneLady Luck, don't fail me now!
Mind ChangeHa! Let's give'em a good show!
MirageI changed the terrain!
StealHehe, this is mine now!
Take Item Break
Take Gravity ChaosDammit, I've been cursed...
Take GenocideCrap, they got me!
Take Banshee's Cry
Take Bloody ClawDammit... Not bad...
Take Poison Breath
Take Medusa EyeYou can't petrify me!
Fatal DamageI'm not the same ol'Milanor!
OverKillI won't show any mercy!
Void ailments
Void attr.
Dodged skillYou gotta do better than that!
Skill FailedDammit, how could I miss?
Skill InterruptedTch, stop getting in my way!
Charge CanceledHey! That wasn't very sporting!
1 on 1 =WinI won't lose mano a mano!
WinServes you right!(BF1)
Heh, better luck next time!(BF2,8)
That was nothing!(BF3)
Heheh, it's in the bag!(BF4)
Quit while you're ahead!(BF5)
There we go!(BF6)
It's no use! Give up already!(BF9)
I think they've had enough.(BF10)
You're not a worty opponent!(BF11)
Look at'em scatter!(BF12,26)
Phew, we're safe!(BF13)
I don't pull any punches!(BF14)
I'm on a roll!(BF15)
It all comes down to this!(BF16)
That went pretty well!(BF17)
Get the hell out of my way!(BF18)
We got'em all!(BF19)
Heheh, how's that?(BF21)
We made it, somehow...(BF23.5)
I've got all the motivation I need!(BF24)
I don't go down that easily!(BF25)
Alright, we did it!(BF27)
Move it! We're in a hurry!(BF28)
Easy as pie!(BF30)
That won't do you any good!(BF31)
Alright, we crushed'em!(BF32)
That went well!(BF35)
I can't stop now!(BF36)
You ain't going nowhere!(BF37)
Let us through! Now!(BF38)
We'll get through no matter what!(BF39)
What a pain...(BF40)
The only way is forward!(BF41)
I can't lose to these guys!(BF42)
There's no turning back now!(BF43)
Go ahead, try and stop me!(BF44)
You're not going anywhere!(BF45)
We have to do this...!(BF46)
Nothing could make me give up now!(BF47)
Win(perfect)Now that's how it's done!
Win(narrow)Man, I was worried for a sec.
Win(Rockfall)Look out for falling rocks!
Win(vs Aegina, Luciana)I'll give back twice what I got!
Oh crap...!(BF2)
Dammit, they got me...!(BF3)
I-I let my guard down...(BF4)
N-Now you've done it...!(BF8)
Dammit! How could this happen...(BF10,41)
I made a mess...(BF11)
You gotta be joking...(BF44)
It's useless, I can't stop him...!(BF45)
Kylier, I'm sorry...!(BF46)
Now's not the time to lose...!(BF47)
She's way beyond our strength...!(BF48)
Getting spoilsThe spoils are all mine!

Yggdra / Milanor / Durant / Nietzsche / Roswell / Rosary / Russell / Cruz / Elena / Flunky / Kylier / Gordon

Japanese ユグドラ / ミラノ / デュラン / ニーチェ / ロズウェル / ロザリィ / ラッセル / クルス / エレナ / コブン / キリエ / ゴードン

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