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ChargeI'll protect the people!
Charge(Boss)I'd give my life for the people!
Charge(vs Mardym)Betrayal is a grave sin!
Charge(vs Juvelon)This is divine retribution!
Charge(vs Skeleton)We shall soothe the poor souls!
CriticalHitI won't let this chance go!
Enemy SleepingThis is our chance! Onward!
CounterI will not lose!
Counter(Boss)Power is not everything!
Counter(no damage)That won't defeat me!
Counter(vs Mardym)I won't let you have your way!
Counter(vs Juvelon)Come now... making excuses?
Cannot CounterTch... I can't counter them.
Take CriticalHitI'm sorry, Your Eminence...
AggressiveWe'll go on the offensive!
PassiveImpatience can be hazardous
Gauge FullSeems like we're ready.
FlashAttackTch... I'll never forgive you!
Flash*3Taste my divine justice!
Kiss of Death
SanctuaryThe battle has just begun!
Shield BarrierYour efforts will be futile!
Dragon Killer
FortuneWe can do nothing but pray.
Mind Change
MirageI swapped the terrain!
Take GenocideUgh... This can't be!
Take Bloody ClawAn assassin technique!
Void AilmentsPoison is useless!
Dodged SkillHah! It's useless!
Skill Failed
Skill Interrupted
Charge Canceled
WinI will protect this place!(BF31-1)
I won't submit to evil!(BF31)
How dare you demean God's name!(BF32)
Win(perfect)Scarcely a challenge...
Win(narrow)I must train more.
Win(vs Mardym)A fitting end for you!
Win(vs Juvelon)This is heaven's will!
LoseHow could... we lose...(BF32)
Getting SpoilTruly, I am blessed to receive
such spoils.
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