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ChargeYou're next on my list!
Charge(Boss)A heavy hitter, huh?
Charge(vs Gulcasa)It's time to pay the piper!
Charge(with Shin Zantetsu)Say hello to my partner!
Charge(○>Golem)My sword can slice boulders!
CriticalHitNow's my chance!
Enemy sleepingSorry to interrupt your nap!
CounterYou're hardly a challenge!
Counter(Boss)I never lower my guard!
Counter(no damage)That was nothing!
Counter(vs Gulcasa)No wonder you're the Emperor!
Counter(with Shin Zantetsu)Behold my astral techniques!
Counter(Cntr same damage)Here's a taste of my pain!
Can't CounterI can't counterattack...!
Evade CriticalHit
Take CriticalHitTch...!
AggressiveI'm through holding back!
PassiveAlright, let's take it slow...
Gauge FullReady as I'll ever be...
Rate: RageYou're pretty good!
Rate: MaxI'd better get serious!
Flash*3Can you dodge this?
Kiss of DeathSorry, guys...
SanctuaryWe're not out of this yet...
Shield BarrierI'll put an end to your attacks.
Dragon KillerAhh... my power is on the rise!
FortuneIt's out of our hands now.
Mind ChangeShow them what we're made of!
MirageI swapped the terrain.
Take Gravity ChaosDamn... cursed!
Take ThunderboltSorry, but that won't work.
Take GenocideSo much for the skill...
Take Banshee's Cry
Take Bloody Claw
Take Poison BreathDamn... poisoned!
Take Medusa Eye
Fatal DamageTake this!
OverkillJust try to endure this!
Void ailments
Void attr.
Dodged skillHeh... Sorry, but that won't do.
Skill FailedSo much for the Astral Fencer...
Skill Interrupted
Charge Canceled...Tch!
1 on 1 =Win
WinNow do you understand?(BF8)
I suppose it can't be helped...(BF21)
I owe you guys a big one!(BF22)
Still want to fight?(BF23.5)
I suggest you stop resisting.(BF24)
You can't beat the Astral Fencer.(BF25)
That was too easy.(BF26)
You still want to fight?(BF27)
This is my chance to make good!(BF28)
I suggest you don't do that again.(BF29)
You're no match for me!(BF30)
So, who's next?(BF31,32)
Guess you can call it a man's pride.(BF36)
Retreat now, for your own good.(BF38)
...I will show no mercy.(BF39)
Get it? Open the way...(BF40)
You get it now, right?
Then, stand aside.(BF41)
I know we'll make it through here!(BF42)
This is the hope she gave us.(BF43)
My will cannot be swayed.(BF44)
You have nothing to worry about.(BF46)
I fight for my loved ones.(BF47)
Win(perfect)My technique is flawless.
Win(narrow)That was too close for comfort.
Win(vs Gulcasa)I'll decide who I fight for.
LoseYou're not that bad...(BF8)
This... is it...(BF21)
We still have a long way to go...(BF22)
Tch... They got me...(BF29)
My final move didn't finish them off...(BF32)
Tch, so I've lost...(BF35)
The enemy's not going to back down.(BF41)
Tch... They got me...(BF43)
Tch, so I've lost...(BF44)
Y-You truly are strong...!(BF45)
I can't... do it...(BF46)
Sh-Shoot... At this rate...(BF47)
Tch, my skills are useless...(BF48)
Getting spoilsThe spoils are mine!

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