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ChargeSee if you can counter this!
Charge(Boss)Just try and counter this!
Charge(vs Mizer)Let's finish this!
Charge(vs Griffon Rider)It's hunting season!
Charge(with Elfin Bow)
CriticalHitHere's our big chance!
Enemy sleepingThis is our big chance!
Can't CounterAw, man...!
Take CriticalHitShucks, I let my guard down...
AggressiveLet's crush'em!
PassiveI guess we'll take it slow...
Gauge FullReady and rarin' to go!
FlashAttackEat this!
Kiss of DeathUgh...
SanctuaryThought I was done for?
Shield BarrierI'll be invincible with this!
Dragon KillerHa, now this is power!
FortuneLuck is one of my skills!
Mind ChangeReinforcements! Just in time!
MirageI switched the terrain!
Take Gravity ChaosGuh... I'm cursed!
Take Genocide
Take Bloody Claw
Take Poison Breath
Take Medusa Eye
Fatal DamageLook out, here I come!
OverkillI'll fight with all my might!
Void ailments
Void attr.
Dodged skillThere we go!
Skill Failed
Skill InterruptedHey, what was that for!?
Charge Canceled
1 on 1 =Win
WinI'll never knuckle under!(BF23.5-1)
Justice will prevail!(BF23.5,27,32)
C'mon, let's hurry and ahead!(BF24)
We don't have time for this!(BF25)
Yes! I got rid of 'em!(BF26)
That should do the trick!(BF28)
You won't get me without a fight!(BF29)
I won't forgive evildoers like you!(BF30)
What do you think of that!(BF31)
For the Resistance!(BF35)
I won't go down without a fight!(BF36)
I can't lose now!(BF38)
The time for revolution is now!(BF39)
I have mixed feelings about this...(BF40)
We have our own patriotism!(BF41)
Our resolve is second to none!(BF42)
I'll make the revolution happen!(BF43)
I can't dwell on the past...(BF44)
Just endure it a little longer!(BF46)
I'm sick and tired of war!(BF47)
Win(perfect)I'm number one!
Win(narrow)We barely made it that time...
Win(vs Mizer)Now, scram!
Win(vs Emilia)You never stood a chance!
These battles are painful...(BF40)
I've been defeated...(BF41)
Everyone, forgive me...(BF42)
I was careless...(BF43)
Everyone, forgive me...(BF44,45)
What am I supposed to do...(BF46)
W-What a dark obsession...(BF47)
There's no way we can win...(BF48)
Getting spoilsWe've liberated more supplies!
QuoteHow 'bout attacking them at
That's what we always did at
Marduk Woods.

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