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ChargeI'll show you my power.
Charge(Boss)Hm, you seem skilled.
Charge(vs Rosary)The Ankhs will be ours.
Charge(vs Leon)Allow me to show my thanks.
Charge(vs skeleton)Who do you think I am?
CriticalHitLet's crush them, now!
Enemy sleepingYou sleep through your own death!
CounterAn eye for an eye...
Counter(Boss)Did you think I'd back down?
Counter(no damage)You're powerless before me.
Counter(vs Rosary)Hm. What nonsense...
Counter(vs Leon)You've underestimated me...
Can't CounterCurse you...
Take CriticalHitUgh!
AggressiveI'll switch to the offensive...
PassiveWe must be patient.
Gauge FullI'm ready.
Rate: RageNot bad...!
Rate: MaxYou're on my last nerve!
Flash*3Feel my power!
Kiss of Death
SanctuaryI won't be defeated that easily.
Shield BarrierI've nulled their attacks.
Dragon Killer
Mind Change
Take Item Break
Take Gravity Chaos(Curse)A curse... What cheek.
Take GenocideTch... how dare you!
Take BanishTch, a Holy attack...!
Take Banshee's CryTch, my strength...
Take Bloody Claw
Take Poison Breath
Take Medusa EyeUgh...
Fatal Damage
Void ailments
Void attr.
Dodged skillThey're good, but I'm better.
Skill Failed
Skill InterruptedStop meddling!
Charge Canceled
1 on 1 =Win
WinYou shouldn't take me so lightly...(BF8)
I've had my revenge.(BF9)
Death awaits those who interfere.(BF10)
We survived...(BF11A-1)
Ha... This is my thanks.(BF11A)
Behold, my true power...(BF12)
Did you think you could win?(BF13)
Ha, how useless.(BF14)
Hm, that should be enough.(BF15)
Ha, this is getting interesting.(BF16)
What a pleasant feeling.(BF17)
I don't have time to deal with you!(BF18)
Ha. Your attacks are futile.(BF19)
You can't win against my spells.(BF20)
That went extremely well.(BF21)
We have our pride as well.(BF22)
How bothersome.(BF23.5)
Ha, how foolish.(BF24,31)
I've annihilated them.(BF25)
Hm, so that's it...?(BF26)
That should be enough.(BF27)
The princess saved my life.(BF28)
Know your place.(BF29)
Hmph. Worthless.(BF30)
Witness my true power.(BF32)
Don't trouble me again.(BF35)
Such a task is child's play.(BF36)
The situation is under control.(BF38)
I'm impressed by your spirit.(BF39)
This is reckless. Retreat, now.(BF40)
It's hard, but it can't be helped.(BF41)
I'm prepared for anything.(BF42)
I will not retreat even a step.(BF43)
Nothing is impossible for me.(BF44)
I cannot let you escape.(BF45)
I know you're suffering.
Hang in there.(BF46)
Hatred only breeds destruction.(BF47)
Win(perfect)A waste of my time.
Win(narrow)That was a narrow escape...
Win(Gravity Chaos)Witness my magic powers!
Win(vs Rosary)What a foul villain...
Win(vs Leon)Such is a traitor's reward.
Win(vs necromancer)
LoseTch, how could I lose...(BF9,42)
This... can't be happening...!(BF10)
I-I am not satisfied at all...(BF40)
Tch, I underestimated them...(BF41)
Tch, I am a disgrace...!(BF45)
Getting spoilsAs I thought, they've left
behind their goods.

Yggdra / Milanor / Durant / Nietzsche / Roswell / Rosary / Russell / Cruz / Elena / Flunky / Kylier / Gordon

Japanese ユグドラ / ミラノ / デュラン / ニーチェ / ロズウェル / ロザリィ / ラッセル / クルス / エレナ / コブン / キリエ / ゴードン

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