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Charge(Boss)It's scary, but I'll do it!
Charge(vs Emelone)Here I come!
Charge(vs Ishiene)Nietzsche's serious!
Charge(with Gungnir)This is for the Queen!
Charge(○> Archers)Nietzsche won't lose!
CriticalHitNow's Nietzsche's chance!
Enemy sleepingSorry, but we've gotta beat you!
Counter(Boss)Nietzsche won't run!
Counter(no damage)Everyone, keep it up!
Counter(vs Emelone)Sorry, but I've gotta do it!
Counter(vs Ishiene)I won't run anymore!
Counter(with Gungnir)I won't lose here!
Can't CounterH-huh?
Evade CriticalHitHehe, I dodged!
Take CriticalHitWaaah!
AggressiveAlright, let's go for it!
PassiveLet's go slow!
Gauge FullReady!
FlashAttackHere I come!
Flash*3This'll do it!
Kiss of DeathEeek...!
Shield BarrierYou can't hurt me now!
Dragon KillerPower up!
FortuneDon't worry! It'll be alright!
Mind ChangeYay! More friends on the way♪
MirageI swapped the terrain!
Take Item Break
Take Gravity Chaos
Take GenocideNo... I can't use my skill...
Take Banshee's CryWaaah... My strength...
Take Bloody Claw
Take BlizzardThat's not cold at all!
Take Flame
Take Poison BreathEek! Poison!?
Take Medusa Eye
Fatal DamageNietzsche will do it!
OverkillSorry if this hurts!
Void ailments
Void attr.
Dodged skillHehehe! That'll never work!
Skill FailedSorry! I messed up!
Skill InterruptedWaaah! What was that for!?
Charge CanceledH-Hey! That was mean!
1 on 1 =Win
Nietzsche's gotta do this!(BF7)
Go team! Yay!(BF8,21,27)
Nietzsche's doing fine!(BF11)
I won't forgive bad guys!(BF12,30)
Nietzsche did her best!(BF10,17)
Nietzsche's doing fine!(BF11,38)
Nietzsche's so glad we did it!(BF13,24)
Yay! We did it!(BF14)
Nietzsche won't lose!(BF15,28,42)
Leave it to Nietzsche!(BF16,31,36,44)
Nietzsche won't give up!(BF18)
Princess! We're coming for you!(BF19)
We don't have much time...(BF20)
Nietzsche can fight too!(BF25,32,39)
Wasn't I helpful?(BF29)
Nietzsche's prepared! I won't run!(BF40)
Nietzsche... won't lose...(BF41)
Nietzsche'll be okay!(BF43)
It'll be over soon...!(BF46)
Nietzsche won't lose to you!(BF47)
Win(perfect)Wow, that was incredible!
Win(narrow)I'm glad I didn't give up!
Win(Diamond Dust)I feel so cool!
Win(vs Emelone)I WILL find the gem!
Win(vs Ishiene,Gulcasa)...I won't lose!
Sorry... Nietzsche failed...(BF11)
Nietzsche failed...(BF13)
What could have we done...?(BF41)
Nietzsche failed...(BF43)
Nietzsche... lost...(BF44)
Sorry... Nietzsche failed...(BF45)
This isn't right...(BF46)
Nietzsche never wanted to fight...(BF48)
Getting spoilsLook what I won off those

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