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ChargeThe advantage is mine!
Charge(Boss)I'll stake my life against yours!
Charge(vs Gulcasa)Prepare yourself, Emperor!
Charge(vs Leon)You'll pay for your travesties!
Charge(with Stray Dragon)Clear the way! Charge!
Charge(○> Knight)A knight, eh? 'Tis too easy!
Charge(○> Archers)Victory shall be ours!
CriticalHitStrike while the iron is hot!
Enemy sleepingThe enemy's sleeping! Attack!
CounterYou're falling behind!
Counter(Boss)I will not back down!
Counter(no damage)A poor show indeed!
Counter(vs Gulcasa)I accept your challenge!
Counter(vs Leon)I must not lose to you!
Counter(with Stray Dragon)I'll give it my all!
Can't CounterI can't counterattack...!
Evade CriticalHit
Take CriticalHitI-I was careless...!
AggressiveOffence is the best defense!
PassivePatience is a virtue.
Gauge Full3rd Cavalry, ready for battle!
FlashAttackYou'll feel my blade's sting!
Flash*3I won't hold back an inch!
Kiss of DeathMy time has come...
SanctuaryWe have our honor as well!
Shield BarrierThe defense is ready! Attack!
Dragon KillerI feel power overflowing.
FortuneWe'll leave the rest to luck.
Mind ChangeReinforcements have arrived!
MirageThe terrain's been swapped!
Take Item Break
Take Gravity Chaos
Take GenocideBlast... I can't use skills.
Take Banshee's CryM-My strength is being drained...!
Take Bloody Claw
Take Poison Breath
Take Medusa Eye
Fatal DamageBehold our determination!
OverkillI'll strike with all my might!
Void ailments
Void attr.Ice attacks are useless.
Dodged skillYour attempts are laughable!
Skill FailedTch, I must train harder...
Skill InterruptedNo!
Charge CanceledNow I'll have to start over...
1 on 1 =Win
WinAh, we survived intact!(BF3-1)
Fortune seems to favor us today.(BF3)
That went well, I think.(BF4,9)
Well done!(BF5)
We cannot back down either!(BF7)
We were the victors this day.(BF8)
A decisive victory!(BF10)
Well done!(BF11,12)
We made it through!(BF13)
We will fight for the Kingdom.(BF14)
Victory is within our reach!(BF15)
Our task is to liberate Paltina!(BF16)
We must press forth!(BF17)
We must reclaim our only hope...(BF19,24)
We haven't the time.(BF20)
Victory is with us this day!(BF21)
Return the princess to us!(BF22)
Fortune smiles upon us today!(BF23.5)
We fear nothing!(BF25)
I fear no enemy!(BF26)
Victory is ours!(BF27)
Nothing comes before the princess!(BF28)
The battle has been decided.(BF29)
Interlopers will not be forgiven!(BF30)
Victory is with us!(BF31)
I swear upon my pride as a knight!(BF32,36)
Let us go forth!(BF38)
We refuse to withdraw!(BF39)
We shall never withdraw!(BF40)
...This is war.(BF41)
We must wrest peace from them!(BF42)
We shall not withdraw!(BF43)
Victory shall be ours!(BF44)
I swear upon my pride as a knight!(BF45)
Forgive us, Lady Kylier...(BF46)
We'll put an end to war!(BF47)
Win(perfect)A decisive victory.
Win(narrow)I must train harder...
Win(vs Gulcasa)We fight to achieve peace!
Win(vs Leon)Repent your sins!
I-I am ashamed...!(BF3,36)
Tch, we fell short...(BF4,47)
I haven't... fulfilled my duties...(BF5,15)
How could this happen...(BF6,9)
My powers...fell short...(BF8)
I let my guard down...!(BF10,40,44)
W-We weren't victorious...(BF11)
Where there's a will, there's a way...(BF41)
Forgive me... fellow Paltinians...(BF45)
Please... forgive us...(BF46)
Truly an envoy of the gods...!(BF48)
Getting spoilsThe spoils of war...

Yggdra / Milanor / Durant / Nietzsche / Roswell / Rosary / Russell / Cruz / Elena / Flunky / Kylier / Gordon

Japanese ユグドラ / ミラノ / デュラン / ニーチェ / ロズウェル / ロザリィ / ラッセル / クルス / エレナ / コブン / キリエ / ゴードン

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