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ChargeTaste my magic!
Charge(Boss)You look like a strong one!
Charge(vs Roswell)Give me my Ankh!
Charge(vs Russell)
Charge(with Formular)The power of magic and reason!
CriticalHitNow's our chance!
Enemy sleepingThey're sleeping! Let's get'em!
CounterI'll make you regret that!
Counter(Boss)Hmph, you're not bad!
Counter(no damage)Don't take me so lightly!
Counter(vs Roswell)Silence, you dog!
Counter(vs Russell)
Counter(with Formular)I'm at my peak today!
Can't CounterUgh... You disgust me!
Evade CriticalHit
Take CriticalHitY-You've got to be kidding!
AggressivePrepare to be crushed!
PassiveI'd better bide my time...
Gauge FullI'm all set!
Rate: RageTime to get serious!
Rate: MaxHow dare you scratch my face!
FlashAttackHave some of this!
Flash*3This is what I think of you!
Kiss of DeathI didn't make it in time...
SanctuaryI haven't even started yet!
Shield BarrierJust try and hit me now!
Dragon KillerMy power is overflowing!
FortuneIt'll all work out somehow!
Mind ChangeLet's do it!
MirageI swapped the terrain!
Take Item Break
Take Gravity Chaos
Take GenocideHow dare you!
Take Banshee's Cry
Take Bloody Claw
Take Flame
Take Poison Breath
Take Medusa Eye
Fatal Damage
Void ailments
Void attr.
Dodged skill
Skill Failed
Skill InterruptedH-How dare you get in my way!
Charge CanceledWhat was that for!?
1 on 1 =Win
Have you learned your lesson yet?(BF12)
Well, that was easy!(BF14)
Hmhm, this is getting interesting!(BF16)
Hmhm... It's useless to resist.(BF19)
I've got my own pride, you know.(BF22)
Hmhm, what a pack of fools.(BF24)
I owe my life to that princess!(BF28)
Know your place!(BF29)
Hmhm, so how was that?(BF32)
I admit, you've got guts.(BF39)
Sorry, but we can't lose either...(BF41)
I can take anything they dish out!(BF42)
I won't retreat even a step.(BF43)
Nothing is impossible for me!(BF44)
No way am I letting you go!(BF45)
It's alright... Leave it to me.(BF46)
Hatred only gives rise to war!(BF47)
Win(perfect)It's pure skill!
Win(narrow)I always win in the end.
Win(Flame)You like my magic?
Win(vs Roswell)I can't be bothered with you.
Win(vs Russell)
LoseYou're not that bad...!(BF8)
No... This can't be...!(BF10)
I-I should've known better...(BF43)
H-How dare you do that...!(BF44)
I-I'm disgrace...!(BF45)
I couldn't... save her...(BF46)
Why did I have to fail at the end...?(BF47)
No, we're no match for her...(BF48)
Getting spoilsGather the spoils, men.
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